ClearSmile Classroom

Systems & Training To Efficiently Uplevel Your Clear Aligner Profitability

We belief clear aligner patients are best served by their local dentist who can treat them safely and predictably.

Choose Your Path

Foundations: Aligner Growth for GPs

This 3 hour 25 minute course is a must for any GP wanting to start more clear aligner cases with existing patients. This course is often a prerequisite for practices wishing to enroll in our advanced courses.

Foundations: Aligner Growth for Orthos

Orthos have a captive patient for every orthodontic consultation, and yet most still only close 50% into new case starts. Learn the in-office protocols to better educate your patients and convert more cases to clear aligners.

Advanced Aligner Integration for GPs

From patient education to the financial presentation, converting a new case start is a full team effort - and a responsibility not to be taken lightly. We examine each stage of the patient experience and install the in-office protocols that will best serve your hygiene and restorative patients while supporting the practice with cash flow.