Foundations: Aligner Growth for GPs

Learn to Start More Invisalign® Cases with Zero Marketing

Every GP should start at least 10 new cases each month with current hygiene and restorative patients.

This couse is a must for any GP wanting to start more clear aligner cases from existing patients. We often use Foundations: Aligner Growth for GPs as a prerequisite for practices enrolling in our advanced courses on aligner integration.

This full course is only 3 hours 25 minutes but don't underestimate its impact on your practice.

Before learning the nuance of language. Before implementing operational protocols that compel patients to ask you how they can get started.

Before all of that, your team must first flip the switch to embrace a Malocclusion Mindset and eagerly integrate aligners into their everyday dentistry.

This course is delivered in two parts:

Part 1 is 1 hour 10 minutes. It is for the dentist and practice owners only. We cover topics that apply to you as the one who will financially benefit the most.

Part 2 is for you and your entire dental team - dentist, hygienist, assistants, techs, office manager, front desk staff, and treatment coordinator.

Part 2 is split into 3 sessions of 45 minutes each. You are welcome to share with your team all at once or split the sessions over multiple days.

If this is a prerequisite for an advanced course, we will contact you upon completion of this course.

Complimentary COVID-19 Access

Course Content

Session 1: The Business of Aligners (70 mins)

  • Meet the Course Creators
  • Embracing Your Gift
  • Return Velocity of Aligners

Session 2: The Power of Mindset (45 mins)

  • Meet the Course Creators
  • Developing an Adaptive Mindset
  • An Introduction to Protocols
  • Implementing the CCSM
  • OrthoTracker: Explained
  • OrthoTracker: Demonstrated

Session 3: Why You Got Into Dentistry (45 mins)

  • Knowing Your "Why"​​
  • Exploring 7 Levels Deep
  • Individual Exercise: Your 7 Levels Deep​​
  • Group Exercise: Defining Your Practice's SoP
  • Submission: Your Statement of Purpose

Session 4: Committing to Patient Impact (45 mins)

  • What is a Malocclusion Mindset?
  • Disconnecting from the Outcome
  • Aligners: A Part of Everyday Dentistry

About The Course Creators

Sheldon Krancher is the Co-Founder and CEO of Clear Global, a team of clinical experts serving Invisalign doctors globally in the US, UK, Europe and Latin America.

Clear Global provides consulting and treatment planning services to over 500 dental practices, training those practices to more effectively integrate clear aligners into their existing dental practice and providing the clinical confidence to ensure predictable patient results.

Prior to founding Clear Global, Mr. Krancher led a storied career in various aspects of the dental industry including five years with UCLA's School of Dentistry and eight years as a Channel Development Director for Align Technology.

Mr. Krancher has personally consulted with over 1,000 practices on optimizing their profit potential through clear aligner solutions.

Sheldon Krancher
Co-Founder, Clear Global

Jace Campbell is the Founder of ClearSmile Profits based in Austin, Texas. ClearSmile Profits works with dentists to design and install predictable systems that produce a cash-flush clear aligner practice.

Mr. Campbell founded ClearSmile Profits after identifying the same broken processes in dental offices that he saw in other healthcare practices. His singular focus and understanding of clear aligners combined with his financial acumen ensures strategy and execution that fit your practice.

Mr. Campbell is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the state of Texas and has coined the term "fiduciary in marketing" to define how his consultancy engages with its clients. ClearSmile Profits exists to help you make a greater impact with your patients and your bottom line.

Jace Campbell
Founder, ClearSmile Profits


Aligner Growth for GPs



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Clear aligners are an incredible opportunity for your team to better serve your patients while you earn great margins with minimal time.

We want to support you during this shutdown with team training that can add another $25,000 of cash flow to your practice each month - if your team commits to the process.

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